Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Tuesday Happenings.

This morning I woke to . . . "Mommy, we catched a mouse!" How that crazy mouse got upstairs and into the boys' bathroom I will never know. We indeed catched us a mouse! After a quick look by everyone but Katelyn and the dogs, Daddy removed Mr. Mouse and reset the trap. It is not normal for us to have mice . . . I can only count once in 13 years of living here that we have had a mouse. For some reason . . . my boys don't remember to close doors and I am pretty sure that is 
WHY Mr. Mouse decided to take up residency.

We are pretty much on schedule for our CLEANING Week. I feel really good about what we accomplished yesterday and will be more than thrilled when we are finished today. Two thirds will be finished when we hang up the broom today!

Today the Mission of the day . . . finish the family room and tackle the upstairs.

Yesterday was jam packed . . . today won't be as bad!

Today we will:
  • Dust each room - four little boys' bedrooms, hall and master suit
  • Vacuum each room ~ same as above
  • Mop each room
  • Deep clean the master bathroom and boys' bathroom
  • Baseboards throughout the upstairs
  • Sort Ryan's clothing . . . what has he outgrown
  • Organize Ryan's closet
  • Wipe a.m. kitchen appliances
We will also wipe down the sectional cushions and clean under it. (Moved to Wednesday.)
We did get the vacuuming of the cushions and under the cushions on Monday.

I am hoping to have the work done on the upstairs by lunchtime ~ didn't happen.
It would be nice to be able to relax a bit this afternoon ~
I did have everyone take a rest about 1:30 p.m.

Finally, by 6:30 p.m. everything was done upstairs. We would have been done much early had we ALL cooperated and done their job . . . 'nough said about that. Praise God for that!

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