Saturday, August 6, 2011

a Restful Day

Tonight a swim by the light of the moon . . .
it was divine!

The water was a lovely temperature . . .
very refreshing.

The sound of locust, the first I have heard this summer,
all around me.

I took little Beckett out with me . . .
she lay atop a float so not to get wet.
Riding along as I swam back and forth.
She was content just to be with me.

When I finished swimming and came inside
Katelyn had a cup of coffee ready and waiting.

Have I ever mentioned that I am so very Blessed?
(and a bit spoiled too!)

This afternoon, after naps, we all plopped in the family room and watched Rio.
It was a very cute movie and I caught myself laughing aloud.
The kids enjoyed it as well.

This morning Randy and Ryan attended a local parade . . .
a parade of awareness . . .
to be on the watch for motorcyclist.
Randy took a few pictures ~ here is one:

Randy said the parade was 45 minutes long . . .
full of riders . . .
and the sound was awesome.
Ryan really enjoyed himself and said he had never saw so many motorcycles at once.
I was thrilled Ryan and Randy could see it.

The other three boys had gone with Randy, however due to disobedience they were brought home.


School begins one week from Monday . . .
So, our school bedtime will resume.


Last evening we all gathered in the family room to watch Soul Surfer.
It was AMAZING and I highly recommend it!

Here is the official trailer for the movie:


Tonight, as I sip my coffee, Katelyn and I are watching Jane Eyre.
Good movie so far.
It is wonderful to have a "down" type day.

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