Friday, August 5, 2011

Today was a very long day . . . not that it was bad, because it wasn't . . . although I think I did get a virus on my computer . . . 'nough about that though cause THAT makes me grumpy!

Today the kids had friends over to swim . . . they all had a great time swimming, eating and playing games after. I have to say having basically 8 kids in the house was much easier than just having my five! They all got along splendidly and I was thrilled!

Enough chat . . . I know you are all awaiting photos!

I was in my spot and the boys were sitting on the ottoman . . . I had my reading materials, water, glasses and laptop .  .  . plus little green fan that my Ryan made for me to stay cool.

Ryan and Cody were still hanging out while waiting for the kids to arrive.

Ryan seems to love having his picture taken . . . when I look at this photo, 
I realize how he is growing up quickly!

Mia was enjoying a little poolside relaxation with Momma.

Cody has decided it is already time to get out of the pool . . . he is done swimming.

Jeb and Ryan were having a "secret" meeting under the raft.

Jeb and Sophia watch Ryan as he comes up out of the water.

Amanda . . . so pretty and vibrant!

Sophia . . . so pretty and quiet . . . Sisters, but so different.

EJ . . . not quite sure why the look.

Cody's hand and little Beckett.

Cody wanted into the picture again, can you tell?

O.k. toothless . . . 

ahhhhh . . . this is the life!

and Beckett is worn out!

Such a lovely day!

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