Saturday, August 20, 2011


These past two weeks have been learning experiences for my children. Through blurry tear filled eyes we talked to them about dying . . . about the sacredness of life and death. Explaining that through the sacrifice of Jesus, His death and Resurrection . . .  confessing our sins and accepting Jesus Christ as Our Own PERSONAL Savior we have the promise of ever lasting life. Wednesday night before we went to sleep, we (the boys and I) snuggled in bed and talked. Cody, our five year old tole me that he wanted to pray and ask Jesus in his heart. I had the distinct honor of praying with my son . . . being at the Throne of Jesus when my little guy asked Jesus into His Heart! Praising Jesus!!!

I am thankful for this morning . . . my boys are outside playing in the yard as I write. I am sitting on the deck . . . enjoying the breeze as I write and keep an eye on them.

As I watch them, I try to see what they see . . . the world is entirely different in their eyes. I handed them my small camera and they had a blast until the battery was used up. Here are a few photos . . .

EJ and Cody "helped" our neighbor pick some tomatoes . . . they were rewarded with seven "baby" tomatoes and one large tomato. Cody lined them all up by size.

another photo standing back a bit . . . the photographer was VERY thorough.

Little Beckett was under the table outside . . . she didn't want the boys to "grab" her!

one of the flower gardens along the pool . . . a child's height definitely adds a different dimension

looking UP the big tree

My chimes and their favorite place to be . . . the playset

Daddy and Cody

Cameron on the climbing wall . . . as you can see, it is used ALOT!

Emma is enjoying the cool of the day.

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