Monday, August 8, 2011

The skies are becoming dreary . . . the humidity is very high and your undies stick to your bum!

Our "task force" is running at full steam . . .  We are ACCOMPLISHING much today! Of course, I am the commando of this unit and am keeping everyone on task. Not certain the troops are as appreciative of our "mission" for the day ~ and I hate to tell them . . . it is a "mission" for the week! Yes indeed we will have this "ship" (aka house) ship shape by weeks end! Kind of like Spring cleaning . . . but in August. I really wanted to get the house thoroughly cleaned prior to school starting . . . it will make things much easier when school starts up . . .

Our Accomplishments so far this morning:
  1. Cleaned the laundry room closet floor and baskets.
  2. Cleaned 1/2 bath by laundry room.
  3. Swept the garage.
  4. Emptied the old container of dog food, cleaned it out and filled it with guinea pig hay. (BTW, the guinea pig weighs 3 PLUS lbs ~ we weighed him!
  5. The guinea pig cage has been cleaned and Bugsy ran around a little.
  6. The shoe cabinet in the garage . . . emptied of crocs and tennis shoes ~ the first load is almost finished washing. Then we will sort and zip tie matches together and set out to dry. These will then either be handed down or donated.
  7. Three loads of laundry has been washed ~ Two loads are washing.
  8. Six loads of laundry have been folded.
  9. Washed the glass on the back door to the garage.
  10. Called to have the window guy come to clean the windows.
  11. Refereed the troops a few times.
  12. Load two and three of shoes and crocs are washing.
  13. Shoes and crocs have that have been washed are matched and those to be donated have been zip tied together and set outside to dry.
Still to be accomplished today:
  1. Clean out Randy's locker in the mud room. DONE
  2. Wash kitchen counter tops. DONE
  3. Scrub the kitchen floor. DONE
  4. Scrub the mud room, laundry room, pantry, hall, dining area and two 1/2 bath floors. DONE
  5. Finish the laundry. DONE
  6. Wipe down the sectional cushions. TUESDAY
  7. Vacuum and mop under the sectional. TUESDAY
  8. Dust the wall ledges and pictures. TUESDAY
  9. Baseboards to be wiped. DONE
  10. Door glass to be cleaned. ~~~ Friday the Window Guy Comes
  11. Door Glass in the garage to be cleaned ~~~ Friday the Window Guy Comes
  12. Hardwood floors to be mopped. DONE
  13. Stairs to be wiped. DONE
  14. All wood cabinets to be murphy oil washed. DONE
  15. Front porch to be swept DONE
  16. Vacuum under cushions on sectional TUESDAY
  17. wash all light switches DONE
  18. Wipe the laundry room counters. DONE
  19. Clean second 1/2 bath on the main floor DONE
Of course, there has been a little dissension in the ranks . . . the boys are a bit irritated with the commando . . . I can tell by the dirty look I received. Commando Mom wants each and every job done correctly the first time. Doing a job half way or not at all is not acceptable. Neither is arguing or hitting your brother with a broom.

By now you are probably wondering if we will be taking any days off this week . . . Yep, Friday . . . as long as everyone cooperates and ALL of the work is done. Tomorrow we will deep clean the upstairs and Wednesday we move to the basement. Thursday is a day to make sure we didn't miss anything and finish up whatever didn't get finished Monday - Wednesday. Friday . . . lunch and a movie and then the weekend . . . pretty much free other than keeping up with daily chores.

As we finish our day . . . I am thankful for the work that was accomplished and the helpful hands!

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