Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our Day

The sun is setting as I write . . . coffee is brewing, the boys are getting their baths, Katelyn is home early from school . . . time to relax.

Our day was full to overflowing today . . . although I am thankful for our day . . . I am tired and my bed will feel wonderful tonight.

My morning began with puppy kisses. Little Beckett sleeps next to me each night and wakes me with sweet little puppy kisses each morning . . . shortly after 6:00 a.m.  Potty time for Beckett and then a bit of snuggle time before the boys wake only moments later. So  . . .  got up and together  . . .  well, together enough to help Mom clean Uncle Sam's house. Took the kids to school and headed to meet Mom. The two of us tackled the house in good time and then we both came back to my house. Laundry was started and then we chatted for a while. I love, love, love visiting with my Momma! Katelyn was home too . . . so we all spent a bit of time together.

Katelyn headed off to school, Mom and I headed out as well. This afternoon family met at the cemetery . . . along with Mom and Dad's Pastor for a small ceremony to bury Aunt Darlene. The breeze was blowing lovely as music, some of Aunt Darlene's favorites were playing as family gathered. The Pastor spoke of Aunt Darlene and Heaven . . . I enjoy hearing him speak . . . he has a gentle way about him. My heart smiled as The Pastor spoke of Aunt Darlene enjoying Heaven for a week now. He also told of the amazing and beautiful mansion Jesus had prepared especially for her. Toward the end of the ceremony, a fuzzy wuzzy caterpillar made its way across the ground right next to where the Pastor was standing. That little caterpillar reminded me that life continues on.

I headed home . . . the boys were home from school and in the back yard with Randy . . . they were hunting for bugs once again. I am quite amazed at their excitement for bugs!

We decided to head out to TGI Friday's for dinner . . . we had a lovely dinner and the boys obeyed very well. Randy and two of the boys headed home as I took the other two to Petsmart for puppy food and treats. The boys were thrilled to see the lizards, salamanders, guinea pigs and hamsters. Of course, the pleas for a new pet sounded almost immediately. I stood strong and denied any further pets be brought home to our menagerie. After all . . . four dogs (even though two are so tiny they only could be compared to one dog), an almost four lb guinea pig, two frogs and three goldfish.

Now we are home again . . . two more loads of laundry have been folded and put away. The boys have had their baths and are in bed early tonight. They all have colds and I hope the extra rest will help them to feel better.

The hour late and it is time I say goodnight.

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