Monday, August 15, 2011

My Daddy's Birthday

August 16 is my Dad's 70th Birthday! 

In Celebration of my Dad's birthday . . .

70 Facts about My Dad!

  1. He was born in 1941
  2. He stole my Momma's heart away when she was 17
  3. They married when my Momma was 17 and he was 20
  4. Mom is his One True love . . . his soul-mate
  5. Dad asked Jesus into his heart in his twenties
  6. He loves and adores his children and grand children
  7. He loves to fish
  8. He is allergic to strawberries, chocolate
  9. He doesn't like his hair to get "Long" . .  he is bald on top, but has hair on the sides/back
  10. He is a "people" person
  11. Dad does not like cherry or lemon
  12. He knows how to shoot with a bow
  13. He used to like to hunt
  14. His favorite color is PINK according to his grand daughters
  15. He loves to tell a good fish story . . . or two
  16. He can fall asleep at the drop of a hat
  17. He snores . . . loudly
  18. He would do anything for his wife, children or grandchildren
  19. Dad worked two jobs when we were kids . . . he always provided well for us
  20. Dad loved camping and we went every summer for several years
  21. Dad has never met a stranger
  22. Dad has a very strong opinion about most things
  23. Dad does NOT like CATS
  24. Dad watches Nascar
  25. He is a Cub Fan
  26. Dad never had to tell us kids twice to obey
  27. Dad loves to tease people . . . adults and kids alike
  28. Dad also teases JC the wiener dog . . . pretends her ears are motorcycle handlebars
  29. Dad loves tomatoes
  30. He can be a real charmer
  31. He generally wears a baseball cap
  32. Dad helps others
  33. He did the dishes for Mom the other day . . . I know ~ shocker, right?
  34. Dad once held a snake from the ceiling beams over a guy's head at work . . . freaked the guy out
  35. He is a story teller ~~ different from the fish stories . . . it is the remember when?
  36. Dad hit himself in the mouth once with the handle of a hammer . . . knocked out/broke his teeth
  37. Dad has a partial now . . . to replace those teeth!
  38. He knows how to milk a cow
  39. My Dad can be hard headed
  40. Dad took all of us kids squirrel hunting once . . . crazy, but we didn't shoot anything . . . Dad vowed NEVER to take us again.
  41. Dad is patient
  42. Dad has many, many original sayings
  43. He never ceases to amaze me
  44. Dad used to play softball on the church team
  45. Dad was in traction once for a back injury ~~~ way back when I was a kid
  46. Dad has a great "boogie man" voice
  47. My Dad just about bursts his buttons talking about his grand kids
  48. He sings to anyone having a birthday  . . . badly lol
  49. Dad hates to shop ~~~ except for fishing gear
  50. Dad loves hot weather
  51. He always has loved to "whisker rub" either us kids or the grand kids
  52. Used to use Old Spice soap on a rope
  53. Dad can watch television with his eyes closed
  54. His nickname is "BUZZARD" and he answers to it
  55. Dad spoils my Momma . . . lol
  56. He can find hundreds of uses for duct tape
  57. Dad took Katelyn for her first ice cream cone . . . I think my Mom went too
  58. Dad took Katelyn fishing for the first time and they caught a fish ~~ Katelyn was 2
  59. Dad is Grandpa to 15 kiddos
  60. Dad is grandpa to creatures too . . . Dogs: Kamie, Emma, Mia, Beckett, Echo, Lucy; Fish: George and friends; a bunny; Bugsy the guinea pig; Frogs: Max and John
  61. Dad makes people laugh
  62. He takes a lot of "short cuts" when on vacation . . . the only problem was that they always seemed to take a lot longer than they should
  63. Dad has one answer for . . . Are we there yet? and that is . . . FIVE MORE MINUTES
  64. He had a truck once named: Old Blue . . . 
  65. Dad likes black licorice
  66. Dad is always there if one of us need him
  67. Dad doesn't argue with anyone
  68. Dad likes to stir up the grand kids
  69. Dad is a ONE & Only in so many ways
  70. Dad is loved by many . . . but especially his family . . . His Wife: Mom (Clara) His Kids: Julie, Jeanette, Janeie and Jim and His Grandkids: Austin, Katelyn, Gabrielle, Abigail, Kendra, Alyson, Jenna, Ryan, Gavin, Cameron, EJ, Calvin, Cody, Nolen and Anna


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