Thursday, August 11, 2011


The skies are beautiful today and the temps are pleasant! Quite a change from the Heat we have had for quite some time . . . the heat that took your breath away. The heat also has been a bit hard on the lake we live on . . . the lake's water level is down and we could really use some heavy rains. Last evening we fished . . . it was SO relaxing! I didn't catch a thing . . . but Ryan and Randy caught a good amount. Ryan was fishing in our favorite spot . . . which is being separated by a little sandbar from the rest of the lake. Ryan was rescuing fish from the little fishing spot and putting them over the sandbar so they can swim until their hearts are content. We headed up to the house about 8:15 p.m. for bath time and then the house quieted.

Mom called a short time after . . . my Grandma (Dad's Mom) was not doing well. She had been in the hospital for several days prior. Grandma turned 90 in January . . . she has had quite a long life. Grandma passed away about Midnight last night and is not suffering any longer. My heart hurts for my Dad .  .  . and his sisters . . . they were with Grandma when she passed. Would you mind saying a prayer for them . . . for strength and peace? Grandma was my last living grandparent.

These past weeks have been up and down in our family to say the least. I am thankful we have a Loving God that sees us through whatever comes our way. Life is very uncertain but God knows beforehand what is required to endure.

My Dad will be celebrating his 70th birthday next week . . . It is so hard to believe 70. Age is a strange thing, isn't it?

Our local and another close city in our area is warning people to keep their doors and windows locked at all times. Apparently, there have been a run on burglaries in homes and vehicles and the burglars are accessing through open doors and windows. Nice, Huh? What is this world coming to? I so wish our world was like living in Mayberry . . . you know with Andy and Opey??? A much more simple time. Did they ever lock their doors?

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The Whitakers said...

Dear Julie,
I am so sorry about your grandma. We will definitely pray for all of you. I am with you, thankful for salvation and heaven, but missing them until then hurts alot. Your mom and dad are such sweet people. It IS hard to believe they are that age! :)
Also, if you find a place like Mayberry,(one of our favorite shows),we will move there with you! :)

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