Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good Sunday morning! The house is quiet as I write this morning . . . not because the boys are still in bed, but because they are all outside already this morning ~~~ it is 8:18 a.m. Oh to have their energy!

Everyone headed outside into the cool breezes . . . it was most lovely! I took out my camera and caught several good shots. The boys are really INTO yo-yos right now and it is fun to watch them learn to make them work,

I worry they will hit one another while "learning"!
YoYos galore!

They each claim to have masterd the yo - yo.

a litttle yo you attitude

Emma and Kamie watching the yo yo antics.

Watch THESE yo yo moves girls.

STYLIN' what more can I say? The rain boots have made a re-appearance . . .
the waitress at TGI Friday's thought his boots were funny.

Emma is sunning herself.

Beckett is a fast lil' girl!  She loves to run and play with Mia.


Ryan is thinking about his next move.

 a puppy chase in the middle of the soccer game

Old Glory .  .  .


Beckett is bug hunting. She loves to catch bugs and flip them around.

the lone rain boots . . . crocodile rain boots

the proud owner of the crocodile rain boots . . .
and Kamie

toothless grin

this is what you call a "grumpy gus"

our beautiful Kamie girl

Mia and Kamie
Cameron, Mia and Kamie enjoying the gentle breezes.

Cameron is practicing sit ups while Ryan watches. Beckett is trying to play.

Pretty Mia

Yo yo magic

the world according to Beckett

looking up toward the back of the house

our container is full to over flowing

Beckett is hanging around in her new sling bag.

Isn't she sweet?

I think I'll go nite nite!


Cindy said...

My, my, that 3 story place your home??? It's beautiful as is your yard, view, boys and pups!!!

The Whitakers said...

Beautiful pictures Julie! Great shot of little Beckett running across the back yard! :)

Julie said...

Thanks for the lovely comments! Yes, Cindy the pictures are taken in our backyard and our home is three stories.

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