Sunday, August 21, 2011

Gentle Breezes on Sunday Morning . . .

We woke to a beautiful morning . . . the sun is shining and the breeze is gentle and cool. My sweetie made me a cup of coffee to start my day and now we sit on our deck watching the boys play and Beckett bug hunts . . . she catches little bugs and then tosses them in the air.

It is wonderful to hear the giggles as the boys play and watch them chase one another. A week of school has really helped them to appreciate one another again.

Katelyn made it through her three day college orientation . . . she is excited at all of the doors open to her. She has her schedule all set up and is ready to go. I am thrilled for her as she begins the newest chapter in her life.

The lake is calm this morning . . . so far no one has ventured out in a boat or jet ski as of yet.  People are starting to get out in their yards . . . a mower is running across the lake. The quiet of the morning is so peaceful!

This afternoon will be busy . . . house chores and laundry . . . but for now . . . relaxation.

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