Thursday, August 18, 2011


Tonight I struggle to find the words to write . . . I have written about my sweet Aunt Ding Ding often. Aunt Ding Ding (Darlene) is my Mom's older sister. Tonight, I along with many members of my family sang some of her favorite hymns as she entered the gates of Heaven.

Although our hearts are hurting, we have Blessed Assurance in our Lord Jesus Christ that one day we will be together again in Heaven.

My Ding Ding was VERY Special and Dear to us . . . Life will certainly not be the same without her. She had a heart of gold and love, love, loved to help her family with whatever was needed. We often teased her about her love of doing the laundry . . . I don't think she ever had a full load of dirty laundry . . . that just wasn't for her!

As I write, my thoughts are filled with Aunt Darlene  . . . just her. She had her little quirks . . . just like everyone does. Her little quirks make me smile! Aunt Darlene hardly sat down, she was always busy with one thing or another and was the most organized person I know. She and I shared the little quirk of "not even a penny off in the checkbook . . . I won't quit until I find it!" We just chatted about that a few weeks ago when I mentioned that I was working on balancing the office checkbook and I was "off a bit."

Aunt Darlene LOVED my pie crust! I tried to send her freshly baked pie crust when she lived down south one winter. She received it, but it was crumbled to bits. Bless her heart she ate every last crumb and then called me to compliment me on its deliciousness!

Ding Ding pampered my Ryan  . . . every weekend for years now. Ryan would go up to Aunt Ding Ding and Uncle Sam's house on Friday night and stay until later on Saturday. He was LOVED beyond belief! She had a way with pancakes and fried eggs . . . RyRy's favorite! He loved HIS Ding Ding too  and you could find them snuggled on the couch many times after Uncle Sam went off to bed.

Aunt Darlene got a new laptop in April of this year . . . her first. She was so funny . . . my phone would ring and it would be Ding Ding. She would be a bit upset and say, "Well I did it again, but I don't know what I did!" She was so funny . . . almost always it was a simple thing that I had not taught her about the computer. Ding Ding was a very fast learner! I am so proud of her that she learned how to run the computer and email . . . especially when she didn't think she could.

I could go on and on about Aunt Darlene . . . it is funny . . . I can still hear her talking to me tonight. We certainly have special memories and our lives were touched by an incredible lady . . . MY Ding Ding!

I LOVE YOU Aunt Darlene . . . Enjoy Heaven!

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Mimi said...

I am so sorry to hear of your loss, Julie. Sending prayers and hugs.

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