Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Whew . . . I am tired today! Feeling like I should take a much needed nap! Our week has been busy for sure . . . but from here on out . . . easy peasy! The house is clean . . . all three floors and the garage was swept out. Woo Hoo, the feeling is incredible. This morning Katelyn, Ryan, Cameron and EJ finished up cleaning week by cleaning the basement. Cody and I had gone into the office until about 12:40 or so, then I brought work home to take care of.

As I write, three of the boys are laying down for naps. After naps we will head outside to enjoy the beautiful weather and maybe even fish. If we do . . . pictures will be posted later this evening.

Think my needing a nap is getting the best of me . . . gonna go and get in a few winks.

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