Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back To School

I am sorry I haven't posted the past few days . . . I am thankful for a beautiful birthday celebration for my Daddy's 70th birthday after my Grandma's passing and funeral last week. It was wonderful to have the laughs, giggles and love on Tuesday. I love seeing my Dad smile!

This week school began! Woo Hoo!!! I am excited to report that my boys are thrilled to be back in school ~ even though the homework began the very first day! The boys happily went off to 1/2 day of school on Monday and then resumed full day on Tuesday. They come home all excited about what has happened during the day and I love to hear their stories. Many days my boys exasperate me . . . however I love each one of them more than I can describe and to see them lit of with excited is awesome and amazing!!! Such Joy in my life!

Katelyn began Freshman Orientation at Bradley University yesterday. I am so excited for her! Yesterday was extremely long for her . . . so much to take in. Today she is setting up her class schedule and could hardly wait. 

Katelyn is thrilled!!!

This semester she is taking three art classes . . . Spanish and English. She can hardly wait!

It is so strange for my children to not all be in the same school . . .

however, I am so proud of Katelyn . . .

our lives seem to change continuously . . .

seeing my girl grown up . . . 

She STILL takes my breath away!!!

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The Whitakers said...

Katelyn you are so beautiful! I didn't recognize you at first the other day when you were at Walmart. All you girls have grown up! Your going to have a great year one day at a time. Enjoy every minute of it. :)

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