Saturday, July 2, 2011


Guess WHO lost another tooth?

Tooth # 4

It was barely loose a few days ago . . . but Cody was having a bit of pain when he bit down. So he worked and worked on the tooth . . . tonight, it was loose enough . . . he came to me and I pulled it with relative ease. He was thrilled!

Before the tooth . . .
Wii games
it was a BLAST!

Wii golf . . . Cameron seems to think he is playing baseball! 

Cody's turn . . .

EJ is swinging a bat instead of a club too!

Ryan seems to have the swing.

Happy kids

The day was a bit more relaxing than a normal Saturday.
First on the agenda . . . chores and then swimming.
Randy and the boys swam while I paid bills and reconciled accounts.
When they came in, Katelyn and I went outside to swim . . . Cody came along.

We enjoyed a lovely time in the pool . . . although I did have to throw the hose in the pool . . .
the water was way too warm and was getting low.
We had such a great time . . . swimming, relaxing and enjoying the sun.

After swimming, we all chilled out and most of us napped.
It was wonderful.

Just before dinner, I thought it would be fum to play wii bowling.
The kids had a great time bowling!
They were pretty good at it too.
I enjoyed watching them  . . .
Randy got a chuckle watching too!

Next up . . . wii golfing.
It took a bit of learning, but the boys figured it out pretty well.
They will only get better from here!

I am learning more about my new camera each time I use it.
It is complicated, but I have the manual that came with it, plus another that I purchased just in case.
I also check in with Pioneer Woman as she explains things pretty well in dummy terms ~
perfect for me! Aperture was the topic I chose . . .

Aperture = "The APERTURE is the circular mechanism inside your camera that opens 
and closes when a picture is taken."

I am certainly glad the camera is digital . . . or I would be burning through film with blurry pictures!
I have been working on settings and such . . . 
This camera has a ton of bells and whistles . . .
if it ONLY came with Nikon D700 for Dummies~!


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