Thursday, July 14, 2011



My house is filled to overflowing with it today.

You know how boys are . . .

one of them does something and the others think they must out do the other.

Boys are always very HANDS on! They touch, push, wrestle . . .

they are loud and crazy much of the time.

This morning, as has been our practice this summer . . .

review of the school year . . .


Keeping those little brains sharp!

Lunch time came . . .

then, letters from each of them to our Compassion children.

Alan, Jonatan, Rafael . . . three of the children to write this week.

Last week, we wrote Parn.

We will be writing: Jackelin, Sergio, Ashok and Kevin in the following weeks.

Our Compassion children are from El Salvador, Bangladesh and Thailand.

My kiddos love to draw pictures, write letters and send stickers to the children we sponsor.
It makes me smile.

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