Friday, July 1, 2011


I'll dare say . . .
I do believe you can fry an egg on the sidewalk
in my little area of the world!

According to my city's weather online . . .
the temperature is currently 93 with a heat index of 115 . . .
it isn't two o'clock yet!

I went outside with the kids for a few hours . . .
the boys swam . . .
I drank Gatorade G2
I began using my new camera . . .
I have a lot to learn!

Here are some pics I took while enduring the searing heat:

Ryan cooling off in the pool . . .

swim goggles are Ultra cool with my boys . . .

Let the challenges begin!

Cameron on the boogie board.

Cameron with ball and noodle, Ryan and Cody in the background.

Ryan jumping in . . . Cody, Cameron and EJ

EJ is rocking out the jump!

I LOVE Cody's toothless grin!

Love the splash of the ball.

Cody . . . my littlest fish

EJ playing a little water basketball!

Cameron just noticed I was taking his photo.

Cameron performing a somersault.

My MUSCLE men!

Our three oldest jumping together.

jumping slashes




O.K. guys . . . Mom is melting, time to head in!

Boys are a little chilled since coming in from the pool.

Mia is asleep on the couch

Emma and Kamie are asleep on the floor behind me.

Beckett is sleeping on a pillow behind me.

Katelyn . . . 

 Megamind on DVD . . . the boys love it.

As I finish up this post, the movie is a little over 1/2 over . . .

I just check the temps outside . . .

would you believe . . .

The temperature is 94.1 and the heat index is 117 degrees.



The Whitakers said...

What a great post of pictures, especially with the music you picked! Reminds me of where all the little blessings at your house and mine come from. And without the Lord there would be no beautiful pictures everyday to share. I love the toothless grin too!! And the one of your little guy jumping in to make the basket. Great shot! Hey, by the way, did I see Mr. Price cruising around in a really neat convertible the other day?? ;) Take care! Keep posting the great pictures. All your little guys, and beautiful Kate make me smile everytime I catch up on what's going on at the Price's! :)

Julie said...

Thanks!!! Love taking the pictures. You are so right about God and His blessings!!!

EJ LOVES basketball and decided to see how he would do jumping in and shooting. He did awesome!

Randy was not in a convertible . . . he said, must have been a look alike. lol

Thank you for such a lovely comment!

Hugs and much love!

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