Saturday, July 9, 2011

Success, Product Recommendation AND Angry Birds

FINALLY . . . Success!

My Cameron was plagued with two horrible sty things on one of his upper eyelids on one eye and one on the lower lid of the other. I called into the eye doctor the other day . . . J&J lid scrub . . .
that was the "treatment" to get rid of them.

Johnson and Johnson baby shampoo
hot compresses . . . with the washcloth as hot as he can stand
several times per day - minimum 3 times per day

That was on Thursday . . . 
This morning when I looked at his eyes  . . .
I found SUCCESS on one of the stys!
It had finally released!
Much relief for Cameron and myself!
We continue the treatment . . . 
hopefully the other sty will release soon too.
Since the sty is open, no swimming for Cameron.
Just to be safe!


One of my favorite new products . . .

I cannot believe that I am 40 something and still experience problems with blemishes!
This cream from Neutrogena . . .  AWESOME!
Took care of two problem spots overnight!


Our kids are REALLY into Angry Birds.
I am sure you have at least heard it mentioned a time or two.

But, I am also sure you are wondering what exactly Angry Birds is.

Angry Birds is a video game . . . 
Very protective birds that HAD a nest of eggs . . .
until the PIGS decided to take them . . .
The Birds of course became ANGRY and sought vengeance on the pigs.
Here is the trailer . . .

and here is a game demonstration . . .

the game is REALLY fun . . . but also a bit frustrating (in a good way).

All of my kids like it . . . Katelyn and I do too!

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