Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Day and Keeping Up with Growing Kids

This evening as I write, the house is quieting down . . . the kids have had their baths and are heading to bed. Soon we will be beginning school bedtime . . . I a certain they will be thrilled ~~~ NOT! lol

Today was a much better day than we have had in the last week. We all worked together to get things accomplished and I am pleased to say the boys got along for the most part.

I decided today would be a great day to tackle two of the bedroom closets. Two of the boys share a room and our youngest has his own room . . . so, three of the boys closets are cleaned, organized and purged.

Cody has grown a size and now wears size 5. EJ is a bit slower at growing and wears a 6. Cameron has moved up to a 7. Ryan wears size 8.

We went through the clothing and went through the hand me down adventure. I am pleased, to say the least . . . three of the boys are fine on clothing through Fall. That is quite an accomplishment. I still need to go through Ryan's closet and assess his clothing for school . . . he made need a few things, but shouldn't be in horrible shape. Most importantly will be pants for him. He grows quickly and is stick thin . . . Lands End are our preference for his pants.

Katelyn has been searching for clothing here and there . . . she takes care of her own shopping now. I am thrilled she loves to shop!

The boys' lunch and backpacks survived pretty well last year . . . I threw them in the wash several times throughout the year and they stayed looking new. I did have to replace Ryan's though . . . his was pretty worn.

School supplies are purchased . . . all that we must purchase is gym and school shoes. A small pillow and blanket for Cody as well. I am thrilled we are just about ready in the school supply department.

Tonight I feel a sense of accomplishment and it really feels good!

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The Whitakers said...

You have inspired me to get going Julie! :)I haven't started yet. I can't believe only a couple weeks left. Where did all the time go? It sure has been fun though hasn't it? :) Take care! Kristi

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