Friday, July 8, 2011

July 8, Cowboys, Fishing, Pictures AND Baby Congratulations

Today was CHAOS!

We began the day with breakfast and I asked the boys to work on their chores.
Ha! Like that happened!

Since I couldn't seem to impress them enough to work on their chores,
I decided to have them all sit down and work on their summer school work ~
they weren't too excited!
They daudled, played around, teased one another, etc.
I added a few more pages of Math for the older three boys and writing for Cody.
They weren't thrilled, but the DID get the message . . .
they completed their school work.

Then we were able to move on with our day . . .
after lunch.

We tidied up the kitchen and then headed outside.
The sun was hot and the temps were  very warm, so we found a bit of shade and
I watched the kids and the dogs play while I took photos.
They had a blast!

A little box arrived with four CANTEENS in it . . .
I washed them up, dried them, filled them with ice and water.
I explained that I had ordered a tent (it has not arrived yet) and that we were
going to pretend to be cowboys.
Today we were going to practice . . .
we won't have our SPECIAL COWBOY night until the tent comes in.
We will have a ton of fun . . .
but until it comes in, the kids practiced.

They had their water (canteen), hats and beans (jelly beans).

The dogs all went out with us and here are photos of our fun:

Little Beckett in one of our containers down by the lake.

Cody was amazed that Beckett was sitting in the flowers and gave her a little rub.

Beckett is having a bit of a bad hair day. Bath tomorrow.

Cameron was pretending to "hunt for rattlesnake".

Cowboy Cody and Mia

We have a very thirsty cowboy.

and a thirsty Baseball Cowboy 

love that smile!

Little Beckett in Cody's Cowboy hat.

My little Cowboy seems to have a bad itch!

Cowboy Cody and his trusty Horse.

I do believe he is tired!

our possie is hunting

into the flower "field"

EJ is pretending to eat rattlesnake

My cowboy looks a little worried . . . or maybe surprised!

While the Cowboys were busy . . . Beckett was hangin' with Emma.

Beckett and I were playing.

Beckett and Mia were playing.

EJ rescued Beckett . . . she was actually running toward the patio.

EJ and Beckett were sharing a special moment.

Beckett seems to be a bit annoyed that I was taking their picture. lol

Playing with Mia

Mia and Beckett

After I ran out of battery power on my camera, we headed in for dinner and then back outside to fish.
The fish were biting very well . . . 
we probably caught 30 or so fish between the five of us.
We always throw them back . . .
Two 12 or 13 in Bass were caught ~~~ Randy and Cameron were the happy fishermen!
We had a blast ~~~ even though it was HOT!
Once we ran out of worms, we headed in.

Katelyn announced that we all smelled a bit like fish!
The boys were THRILLED!

Time to end this post . . .

Oopppsss . . . One more thing . . .

CONGRATULATIONS to DOUG AND KRISTI W . . . and family . . .
on the birth of Caleb this morning. Caleb was born at 2:20 a.m. and weighed 8 lbs 12 ounces.
Isn't he beautiful?

I am quite certain Caleb will be quite a hit at home.
Caleb joins brothers and sisters . . . 
Emily, Sarah, Rachel, Sam, Gracie, Daniel, Jacob and Olivia

We Love You and CAN'T wait to meet Caleb!

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The Whitakers said...

I hadn't checked your blog in quite some time! I noticed a picture that looked just like one that we had and I was like, Hey! That looks like Caleb! :)

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