Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 5th Back to Reality

Today, July 5 we returned to reality . . .
REAL life!

Randy returned to work today, however I am home this week with the kids because Mrs. S has the week off . . . bless her heart!
Let me just say, I MISS her!
She is so lively and keeps the boys extremely busy!

That being said . . . I enjoy being home with my kids too.
Sometimes though . . . they DRIVE ME CRAZY!
Just keeping it real here . . . 

Today was hair appointment day . . .
let me just interject a lil' something here . . .
Katelyn was staying home with the kids . . .
I left them a list of things I wanted finished before
I arrived home. So, I loaded up Mia and Beckett . . .
oh yeah, Cody too . . .
and we headed out the door.

Once at the salon, I unloaded the puppy stroller (yes, I have one), Mia and Beckett and helped Cody out of the car.
The girls absolutely love their puppy wheels and I have to say,
I do too! It makes things so much easier when taking the girls along.

I opened the door to the salon and in we rolled.
To say the girls got attention . . .
an understatement!
All of the stylists and clients LOVED seeing the girls . . .
they were all pretty for the salon visit.
Take a look:

Mia and Emma were being so good!
They made a lot of people smile today.

It was suggested to me today that I should take my furry babies to the nursing homes to visit the residents.
Not sure about the nursing homes, but I have taken them to one of the retirement homes in our town. Puppies just have a way of making people smile!

After I returned home, Katelyn and the boys headed out for their hair appointments. After the boys were finished, Randy picked the boys up and brought them home. Katelyn was able to enjoy her salon time and head home afterward.

I am pleased to say . . . 
the list I had made for the kids before I left . . .
I was totally SHOCKED!

Tonight we will be enjoying wii time . . .
tomorrow we will finish cleaning the main floor and bathrooms.
I would love to have the kids in the pool tomorrow afternoon.
We love our pool time!

Tonight, the boys are working on their summer school work . . . Four pages each . . . in Math.
They don't exactly love it, but they do it.
I love keeping their brains working.

Mia and Beckett are exhausted from our morning at the salon. They are both all curled up and sleeping.

Time to wrap this one up . . . 

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