Monday, July 4, 2011


Happy Independence Day!!!

This holiday weekend has sped right by! 

The lake has been EXTREMELY busy . . . many crazies are out there!
We have chosen to remain off the lake today!
We watched the boaters, jet skis and other watercraft ram rod all over the lake . . .
I am thankful there were no accidents out there today.

We remained within the confines of our home and yard.
Fishing and swimming were HUGE for us this holiday weekend.
The weather has been very cooperative.

The boys enjoyed playing outside. They love to run, roll, jump and slam into one another . . . what a better place to do that than outside! I love that we can all go outside and they can blow off a ton of energy! The were being very creative . . . pretending to be a train down the slides was really cute to watch. I love to see them play and be creative together!

The swimming pool got quite the workout this weekend.
I headed out to swim (by myself) but that didn't happen. Before I knew it, little boys got a hint that I was outside in the pool . . . one by one, they joined me. Finally, Randy decided to join us. 
We were in the pool for hours today . . . I feel sun whipped.
Beckett was whining that she wanted mamma (insert smile here). She started whining when I headed outside to swim and was still fussing an hour and a half later . . . I told Katelyn to bring her out to me.
Yes, I was still in the pool!

Once Beckett was in the pool with me . . .
I put her on a little boogie board!
She was so adorable!!!
We have been introducing Beckett to the pool little by little.
Beckett's little legs were going strong!
She swam and swam . . . 
now, I am not going to go as far as to say that Beckett loved it,
but she tolerated it pretty well!
Beckett isn't very big . . . and when wet, there isn't anything to her!
Katelyn dried and combed her out.

Mia also had a few minutes in the pool too.
She simply hung out with me . . . she didn't get her head wet.
I don't think she minded it much.

Cameron, Ryan and EJ in the sparkling pool water.

Cody was already done swimming when I got the camera out.

Daddy and Cody chillin' with me by the pool.

EJ peeking over at me

Basketball EJ's way


Cameron . . . BIG splash on its way!

photo from our deck looking toward the lake


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