Thursday, July 28, 2011

It has been a while since my last post . . . I am never usually behind by more than a day. This past week had been "One of THOSE weeks" and one I really don't care to remember.

Stressful, frustrating, heartbreaking . . .
those words pretty much sum it all up.

Before I describe our "week" let me interject . . . I Praise God for His tender mercies each and every day.

Monday I went into work as usual . . . I knew I had plenty to do. The office and shipping departments have been slammed to the walls with orders ~ which is a GREAT thing. Along with the orders comes payments . . . also a GREAT thing . . . however, the balancing of deposits can be challenging . . . especially when there are over 100 in the form of mastercard/visa/american express/discover. The deposits generally go together in a batch at the end of the day . . . a settlement report is printed. 
Easy peasy . . . Right?

Well, generally that is true . . . however, being slammed this past week interfered with keeping track of what deposits went with which settlement report. Add that to the fact that the credit card processing center sometimes adds additional transactions from other batches/settlements. That all together equals a giant jigsaw puzzle of sorts for me when I am balancing the checkbook. Melissa tried to figure out the puzzle too . . . to no avail. I must interject . . . I loathe defeat! So, on Monday I went into the office . . . a bit frustrated as I tried to balance everything on the weekend . . . all day Saturday. Once in the office I spoke to my staff . . . we each had a specific task to do with the end goal being a balanced to the penny checkbook. (It drives me crazy to be off even a penny in any account.) Mid afternoon a HOOT was heard from my office . . . ONE of the accounts balanced . . . to the penny! I was thrilled! Accomplishment!!! 

I headed home from work to find that my boys gave Mrs. S quite a challenge for the day as well. I was less than thrilled and quite irritated with all of them. 

Forward to Tuesday . . . 

I am generally home on Tuesdays . . . Tuesday morning I was on the telephone with my Mom and learned the results of my Uncle Sam's tests. The news was not what everyone had hoped . . . Uncle Sam has cancer. He had been in the hospital since early Saturday morning . . . horrific pain. 
Tests were run and the hospital staff tried to keep Uncle Sam comfortable.
Mom was explaining all to me when Cody began ringing the doorbell. There was no reason for Cody to be ringing the doorbell . . . he simply was because like most children he chose to do what he wanted because Mommy was on the telephone. I excused myself from our conversation, went to Cody and told him to stop with the doorbell and get inside. I headed back to my telephone call. 
Mom and I continued our chat when I noticed the front door was open .  .  . we have a storm door, so no creatures were entering the house, but with the temps in the 90s we keep the house buttoned up tight. I asked Cody if we were going to keep the door open all day and let the heat inside. Cody went from the library to the foyer and pushed the door closed ~ from the direction he came, he could not have seen Beckett. What neither of us realized . . . little Beckett was watching out the window of the door. Within seconds the screams of an injured puppy. I ran into the family room to see what had happened . . . little Beckett came running to me screaming all the way. I picked her up and checked her all over to see what had happened. Apparently in her attempt to get from between the front inside door 
and the storm door the door hit her.

Beckett is tiny . . . 2 lbs 6 ounces.

Immediately I called our vet . . . she is wonderful. I took Beckett in right away. The vet assessed her right away . . . she was not in shock, no sensitivity in her tummy . . . however she was holding up her right back leg. Dr. J asked to keep her for the day . . . she would be sedated so she could be x-rayed fully and I would be called with an update. It was really hard to leave my puppy girl, but I fully trust Dr. J.
A few hours later the call came . . . 
little Beckett had a fractured rear leg. Dr. J was going to splint it and 
see how Beckett was before letting her go home. 

I picked Beckett up about 4:40 p.m. along with pain meds and instructions to watch for excessive swelling . . . if her little foot showed signs of swelling we were to cut off the splint. 
(Dr. J made a very pretty pink splint for Beckett.)

Beckett did well all evening . . . I checked her little foot every hour or two . . . everything seemed fine.
We went up to bed and I checked her foot one more time . . . it was badly swollen . . . the splint had to be cut off. Praise God for my wonderful husband with a steady hand. As I held Beckett, Randy very slowly snipped away the splint. Dr. J made a very sturdy splint . . . many layers to protect her little leg.
Beckett seemed to do well through the night and I called Dr. J in the morning. Beckett is protecting her leg by keeping it close to her body and doing very well considering everything. The decision was made to allow her to protect her leg herself instead of splint it again . . . keep her calm and quiet while she is healing. This morning she seemed to be feeling much better . . . plenty of kisses and she even began making her cute little noises again. She even growled as if to protect me when she heard a noise.
The plan . . . to have her leg x-rayed in three weeks . . . just keep doing everything we are doing now.

During the day on Tuesday I sat down with my boys over lunch and I talked to them.
My heart was breaking . . . my boys needed to know . . . life is precious and we must never, ever take anyone for granted. I explained to them Uncle Sam's illness . . . the boys became solemn.
I took this time to also tell them their behavior these past few weeks has been unacceptable
and that I want it stopped.

There will be NO more:
 hatefulness to one another . . .
name calling . . .
fussing or fighting with one another . . .
deceitfulness . . .
lying . . .
disrespect . . .

I know my children are not perfect and I don't expect them to be, But I do expect them to:

love and honor one another
get along
tell the truth
respect others
and obey.

Our expectations are not new to my children . . .
my children are simply choosing to ignore them.
It frustrates Randy and I.

I chose to end our "family meeting" by telling them that Randy and I both LOVE spending time with them and doing fun things. I then interjected that it is very difficult to do fun things when there is disobedience, deceit, hatefulness and disrespect from each of them in our home.

Today is a new day . . . Praise the Lord.

A new day to strive harder to be what God wants us to be.

Praying for God's Grace and Strength for our day.

Praying for Divine Intervention for Uncle Sam.

Praying for quick healing of Beckett's leg.

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