Monday, July 11, 2011

It ARRIVED, but NOW it is too HOT to use it!

The much awaited SURPRISE has arrived . . .
The only problem . . . it is TOO HOT to enjoy it outside!
So, what is a Momma to do???

Set it up inside in the air conditioning!
This tent takes up our library!
Check it out . . .
The tent is a bit squished so it will fit in the doorway to the library and part of it rests in the foyer.
A nice quiet place to play Angry Birds
Or for Grubby little boys to hang out.

a nice play to hang out

The ad specified this tent could be set up in a minute or less . . .

We didn't read the directions . . .
Kate and I had the tent up in minutes.

The real question . . .

Did they sleep in it?

Nope . . . they wouldn't settle down.

So, up to bed they went . . .

and that is where I am heading.


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