Monday, July 11, 2011


Post # 801 . . . I can hardly believe I have written that many posts since this lil ole' blog began. That is a lot of typing and I can't believe people have actually stayed with me! Thank you all!

As I write, the clock has rung 12:00 a.m. Monday morning. I am not ready for bed . . . I know I will regret this decision in the morning! Little Beckett is curled up next to me and is quite cozy. The kiddos are all asleep, as is Randy and Katelyn. Emma our Lhasa is snoring loudly . . . the house is otherwise quiet.

Our weekend seems long . . . the temperature outside was HOT and almost reached 100 degrees today . . . not to mention the heat index OVER 100. We are Praising God for our cool home . . . air conditioning Rocks!

Mrs. S returns in the morning . . . she took the week off last week. I am thankful for her return, as are the boys! Let me just say . . . this past week was L.O.N.G. as the boys were busy pushing buttons all week. I tried to make sure we have fun time, but the boys didn't think fun time was long enough. Apparently, fun time must be 24/7 which leaves no time for chores or summer school work. There was plenty of grumbling, fussing with one another and challenges to last me a while. I am sure some of the problem . . . the kids have been together too much this summer! Our school has been out since Mid May . . . it is almost Mid July . . .  two months of little boys trying to prove which one is mightier, faster, smarter, the one to do this or that. Little do they know . . . School starts in about a month.

Can I let you in on a little secret???

I received the school supply lists!

There is simply something about receiving THE LIST that makes this Momma smile!

I absolutely love my children, don't get me wrong . . . but it is almost time for them to head back to school. They NEED school!!! They NEED to be learning new things! They NEED to be challenged!
They NEED to be with friends . . .  instead of hangin' with Mom all day.

Not to say I am not going to miss them, but to see their smiling faces when I pick them up. To listen to their stories about the happenings during their day . . . exciting! To see them soak up everything they are learning . . . amazing! To see the twinkle in their eyes because they met a new friend . . . 
or to hear them say . . . Mommy I LOVE You and I missed you SO much . . . Priceless!

When the kids go back to school this year . . . my life will be different.
My boys will attend school ALL day . . . ALL of them!
Last year we chose not to let Cody attend all day due to his Peanut/Tree nut allergy.
Lunch time FREAKED US out!
Not that it is any better this year, but we know it is time.
Believe me . . . I will definitely be on top of things!
I am busy consulting with other food allergy Moms for some helpful tips.
I will also be consulting with the school Principal and others.
Prayerfully, everything will go smoothly and Cody will be safe.
And yes, the Epi pen will be close at hand!

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