Wednesday, July 20, 2011


By now you might have watched the Happy Birthday song video sung by my sweet Dad . . . If not, I will give you a minute to check it out HERE! It is also posted on youtube AND facebook. Gotta get him a bit of exposure . . . he is talented! Yep, his talent is making other cringe and laugh at the same time! Seriously though, those in our family and office have all come to not only expect, but wait with anticipation at when my Dad will sing Happy Birthday next. Bless his heart!


Normally, I just call him Dad  . . . or Buzzard (that explanation will have to be another time), but tonight . . . Daddy just fits. You see, today was my Birthday . . . it is hard for me to believe . . . today I turned . . .

What? You didn't think I was really going to tell spill the beans, did you?

Anyway, I had a LOVELY birthday!!!
It was filled with LOVE, HUGS, KISSES, CARDS, GIFTS and Happy Birthday's galore!
I certainly feel blessed!
Thank you all!!!

Now, in true birthday tradition on my blog . . .
Random things you may or may not know about me . . .

  1. I don't have a favorite color.
  2. I have a NEW favorite brand of undies . . . Thanks for the recommendation Stacie!
  3. I have a hard time finding the time to finish books that I am reading. I am half way through about 10 books . . . nope, not kidding.
  4. I don't like to talk on the telephone unless I am chatting with family or close friends.
  5. Telemarketers drive me CRAZY!
  6. I love veges . . . cucumbers are one of my new favs!
  7. I loathe long toenails . . . that one threw you, didn't it?
  8. I have never been a morning person . . . even when I was born . . . born in the evening! (although, Beckett wakes me early every morning)
  9. I crack my knuckles . . . always have, even though Mom warned me not to. Sorry Mom!
  10. I am enamored with life in the 50's. Everything seemed so much easier back then.
  11. I do not like America's Got Talent or other shows like it. Not interested.
  12. I am picky about the cleanliness of my car. 
  13. I have always dreamed of playing the piano.
  14. I loved camping as a kid . . . NOT at all as an adult, but did enjoy arranging a camp  out for my man and boys. I also smiled when I snuggled in my nice comfy bed with air conditioning . . . Randy and the boys were outside in the tent roughing it in the backyard.
  15. Balancing the checkbooks for home and work are weekly tasks for me . . . I am obsessed with balancing to the penny EVERY time.
  16. I want to learn to shoot a handgun . . . with my Mom and Katelyn. Will probably look like Lucy, Ethyl and a tag along!
  17. I like to fish with my boys . . . even though they always seem to plink their bobber right next to mine after I have caught a fish, they tangle lines and use too many worms. lol
  18. I find classical music relaxing . . . if I am in the right mood.
  19. I tend to over plan meals . . . cook enough for an army.
  20. I love raw cookie dough . . . Katelyn's sugar cookie dough.
  21. I actually wore a dress/skirt twice in one moth . . . a record for me.
  22. I love planning get together parties/cook outs, etc. The cooking part is awesome too.
  23. I am thrilled when I don't have a lot of things planned during the week.
  24. I used to chase my sister Jeanette with daddy long legs . . . not the spider, just the legs.
  25. Jeanette and I used to have slap fights . . . until she started slapping too hard. Sorry Mom, you probably didn't know about that. 
  26. I rarely will make a recipe EXACTLY as printed . . . I always give it a little JuJu pizazz!
  27. I was on a softball team as a kid . . . we only won ONE game.
  28. I am creeped out by snakes, rats and opossums
  29. I ran over a skunk once . . . he seemed to be with me for quite a while  . . . nasty.
  30. I cannot swim while wearing a life jacket and blue jeans.
  31. I flipped a jet ski while my sister Jeanette was riding with me . . . I had promised her I had never flipped a person or ended up in the lake. I hadn't until she rode with me. Sorry Sis!
  32. I am spoiled . . . I know, it is hard to believe . . . but it is true! My Momma spoils me, My Daddy spoils me, My Husband spoils me!
  33. I say, "REALLY, You are going to CHALLENGE Me!?!" to my boys. I actually have said that saying so much this summer that my five year old is now saying it to his brothers. It is hysterical!
  34. I Love to watch Laverne and Shirley, I Love Lucy and Andy Griffith.
  35. I like to watch scary movies  . . .  in the dark.
  36. I don't like to travel, but love impromptu day trips.
  37. I am a home body and always have been.
  38. I graduated from High School in 1982.
  39. I drive with my seat so far back my toes just touch the accelerator peddle. I like my space.
  40. I can usually fall asleep within minutes of laying down. It is a gift my Dad has too.
  41. I don't like anyone messing with my feet.
  42. As a teenager, I had a crush on Shawn Cassidy. Remember the song . . . Da Do Run Run?
  43. I don't mind that my hubs puts little boxes of night crawlers in our fridge to fish with.
  44. I hate drinking soda from a can . . . give me a glass with ice please.
  45. Lazy days with my family are some of my favorite days.
  46. I am a daughter, sister, grand daughter, niece, wife, momma, aunt, great aunt and friend.
  47. Today I am 47 years old . . . and I don't feel any different than I did yesterday . . .                                           

Thanks everyone!


Mimi said...

Happy Birthday!

Marva said...

Happy belated Birthday!!! I love you sweet friend!

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