Friday, July 1, 2011


Baby girl Beckett got a bath today . . . 

what? Oh, how did she do?

let's just say, she was less than thrilled.

But we DID get her bathed well, blow dried and combed out.

She is pretty wiped out now . . .

Here are some photos of our furry ones:

Kamie was chilling out.

Mia and Beckett are watching Katelyn

Katelyn really has their attention!

Silly Mia

I think I see the beginnings of a Mi-Ki smile!

Emma is chillaxin' . . . please don't mention her teeth . . . she gets embarrassed.

Beckett just had a bath, blow dry and comb out. She looks full of trouble, doesn't she?

Beckett went duck hunting.

Loving on Kamie

The girls were just hanging out.

The boys also enjoyed a bit of chocolate today . . .
Gold coins - they were huge!

Cody with Chocolate and Jelly beans.

Ryan with CHOCOLATE gold coin and jelly beans.

The other pics didn't come out . . . Cameron's glasses were horribly printed and the camera seems to have maximized the fingerprints. Yukko!

EJ was upstairs.

Tonight, I am thankful in so many ways!

I am thankful for my family . . . we may each have a quirk or two, but we are family and have each other! So glad my family still loves me with my crazy quirks!

I am thankful for: 

my loving husband

my loving daughter

silly little boys

our furry babies

Our families

our home

nice cool air conditioning

our many blessings

good coffee


photos recording moments in time

new underwear . . . really comfy ones

Christian Bible teachers


and so much more.

During this July 4th weekend . . . take time to count your blessings.

What are you thankful for?

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