Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fun, Fun, Fun 


Today we were BLESSED with a visit . . .

Although the weather has been HOT, HOT, HOT our friends came for a swim in
our hot tub . . .

o.k. they really came to swim in the pool


the heat has caused the pool to become ultra warm
more like bath water than a refreshing swim . . .

The kids enjoyed the swim anyway . . .
such good sports!

Then inside for lunch and Angry Birds!

Beckett meet Gracie . . . aren't they so cute?

Gracie is a natural beauty!

Rachel and Emma . . . Rachel is a beauty too . . . Emma ~ not so much.

This is Cody, Ryan, Sam, Sarah and Gracie . . . Ryan is showing them Angry Birds moves.

Lovin' the faces in this photo!

Gracie won this round . . . the look of accomplishment on her face!

Big brother Sam tries to help!

Beautiful Sarah . . . she won't look at the camera either. Ryan is watching Sarah's moves!

The lunch of Champions . . . McDonalds and La Gondola . . .

Jake is lovin' his nuggies.

Such a happy bunch!

The table was full . . . Gracie, EJ, Cody, Rachel, Sam, Ryan, Jake, Sarah, Cameron so, Sarah S and Katelyn were at the breakfast bar.

The kids were all pretty well behaved and got along great! It was a lovely time together and no one wanted to leave . . . I love that!

I am quite certain we will be getting together again real soon and this time . . .
we will make it an all day event!

What do you think W Family????

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The Whitakers said...

Oh Julie! Thanks for posting these pictures! The kids told me they had a great time and were trying to explain everything they did and all the games they got to play. Now I can actually see it! :)They told me how sweet little Beckett was, and how you more then took care of them at lunch time! They loved it all! Thanks for taking such great care of them! I'm sure they would love to do it again! Love ya, Kristi :)

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