Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today we enjoyed the beauty God gave us. 
These flowers are in one of our gardens.

our neighbor's American flag

The kids went fishing . . . guess we are fishing for Flying Bird fish!
(see the orange bobber?)

Cody is minus his fourth tooth . . . another upper!

He loves to have his picture taken.

EJ and Cody . . . hanging out on the dock while Daddy fishes.

Ryan was fishing.

Randy and his telescoping fishing pole.

The telescoping pole made small.

Flower garden by the lake.

container by the pool

Emma decided to head off on her own . . . she missed our boat ride

Kamie was relaxing on the boat ride.

Beckett and Ryan

a bird nest under our boat lift cover . . . eggs

garden by the lake

our beautiful hydrangeas

charlie brown Christmas trees

beautiful color by along the walk to our lower patio

beauty around the pool

more beauty

walking back to the house

the beauty around the pool

patio beauty

container beauty

the elephant ears are HUGE . . . the boys are a reference point to their height

container by the pool

Katelyn is drawing at the kitchen table . . .
Edward Scissorhand

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