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Like most BOY Moms, I am ALWAYS on the look out for great ideas to keep my boys busy. I try to keep life interesting and fun for them . . . making MEMORIES is high on my priority list.
I want my kids to remember Wonderful and Blessed childhoods later on in their lives.

Recently, I had an idea . . . I saw a little book that inspired me. The book was called BUD & ME and was a true story . . . I ordered the book, a tent, some cowboy type cups, plates and spoons (metal) and planned a very special night . . .

 . . . last evening was the BIG night ~~~ COWBOY Night!

The boys were THRILLED and EXCITED ALL day long.

We prepared things throughout the day, little by little and around 4:00 p.m. we began our Cowboy night. First on the agenda . . . read the first capter of Bud and Me!

The year is 1909. The new century is still in its infancy. Enter five-year-old Temple and his nine-year-old brother, Bud, who ride from Frederick, Oklahoma, to Santa Fe, New Mexico...alone. And this is only the beginning. In a span of four years, the Abernathy Boys will travel more than 12,000 miles by horseback, automobile, and motorcycleas part of an unforgettable expedition. An exciting true story of courage and adventure! (from Vision

Temple and Bud Abernanthy
As I read, the boys listened intently . . . their eyes as big as saucers.
Temp and Bud's Daddy actually caught wolves with his bare hands . . . and
there was a picture to prove it!
Little Temple and Bud set out to have an adventure . . . they were little guys, but that didn't stop them.
Just as Bud and Temp had an adventure, so did my boys . . .
After the first chapter of the book, it was time to take the BED rolls (sleeping bags and pillows) outside to the tent (coleman) that I had already set up.
You could feel the excitement in the air.


Cameron was helping Daddy and I get the fire going.

EJ made sure the dogs had water . . . Kamie was waiting.

 The Tent ~ a Coleman 8 person, put up in one minute tent.

Time to help Daddy get the fishing lines ready.

Ryan looks a little like Huck Finn . . . Don't you think?

Did Huck have a little brother???

The smoke didn't seem to bother the boys.

a nice fire and dinner

Cookie the camp chef (a.k.a. Katelyn) put together a nice pot of
cowboy beans and rattlesnake (hot dogs)
known in our house as Beanie Weenies ~ home made
as you can see, it is warming by the fire

bread, beans and "rattlesnake"
EJ is enjoying his in a metal cowboy mug.

Ryan is enjoying his grub too!

Our smallest cowboy is eating his beans and rattlesnake,
 down to the last drop


Cameron is on his second serving of beans and rattlesnake . . .
dipping the bread was yummy too.
A canteen filled with water is on his belt.

 Now to fish . . . Stick, Fishing Line, Hook and worm . . . 
Let's catch some fish!

Ryan is trying to figure his fishing equipment out.

Daddy is taking a little time out for R & R.

Two of the boys are beginning to fish . . .

and it wasn't long before . . .

Fish # ONE!

Cody was THRILLED!

Not long after came more fish . . .
Here is EJ with his.

and Ryan with his first fish.

and then . . .

Cameron's first fish.

and Cameron's BASS

Ryan had already had his shower and Cameron caught another fish.

Goofy faces

 a nice fire

the tent is all ready 

Complete with kids

and a nice "blow up" bed for Daddy to sleep on
Cody didn't want to sleep on it because it might just 

 I read them 1/2 of another chapter . . .
Bud & Me

Then, the daylight was growing dim . . .
Daddy zipped up the tent to keep the bugs out and the kids in.
The night turned a bit cooler with a slight breeze.

Katelyn and I were commenting that we were certain they would be coming inside within an hour or two . . .

Well, we were partially right . . .

Cody was marched inside . . .

apparently the youngest little cowboy wouldn't chill out.

Daddy wasn't ready for any nonsense . . . he was tired and had told Cowboy Cody "at least 400 times!"
(a direct quote from Daddy)

The remainder of the campers slept in the tent through the night.
Randy was up and headed toward the house a little after 5 a.m.
the boys followed shortly . . .
Momma was NOT amused at the early risers.

All in all . . .
everyone had a wonderful adventure.
The boys did want to know if we were going to eat the fish they caught . . . ahhhh NO!


Mimi said...

Hee haw! Looks like a good old time at the campfire! Enjoy those cowboys!

The Whitakers said...

Hi Julie! Looks like all your guys are having quite an adventurous summer! We love Vision Forum. They have alot of cool things for real boys! :) It was fun to visit with all your little guys and Randy the other day! Tell Kate her cookies were great, and they are GONE! :)
Take care, Kristi :)

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