Saturday, July 30, 2011


What a wonderful Saturday we have had!!! 

We enjoyed a very laid back morning and then headed to a local auto show. The boys were thrilled when the saw all of the OLD cars! Randy, Katelyn and I enjoyed seeing them as well.
The temps were in the upper 80's and humid, so we wanted to get there before the place was jammed with people and the temps were at the high for the day.
We made a GREAT choice from what I hear from other people that went later in the day.

Katelyn took photos of our "field trip".
Then, I had a bit of fun with PhotoShop to add some fun effects to the photos.

One of the boys' favorites.

Love the vintage effect.

Cody call this one a "JOHN DEERE" truck.

beautiful Cadillac . . . I love that although EJ isn't in the photo, he is visible in the reflection of the car.

Today was a lovely day!

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The Whitakers said...

Neat pictures Julie. We like the John Deere truck too! Looks like you had a great day with the kiddos! :)
~ Kristi :)

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