Sunday, July 31, 2011

And I Thought It was Just Our House that Was Weird . . .

This morning as I thought about what to write on my blog, I popped over to Then I had an idea . . . news of the weird . . . never blogged about that, so here goes.

News of the weird . . . (I have not researched these bits of weird news for accuracy, just enjoy the weird).

Besides my house's daily activity apparently there is abundant weirdness everywhere!

Here goes:

  • Rapper FAT JOE gets skinny . . . wonder if he will change his name!
  • WICHITA, Kansas – A lemonade stand that raised money for the children of Joplin had its biggest sale yet Friday. The kids of College Hill Elementary served up lemonade to George and Deven Holland, who paid with a big check -- $10,000 – to help young tornado victims get ready for a new school year.
  • What really happens to gum when you swallow it?As you can imagine, this is a question pediatricians often field. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson estimates she gets asked a couple times per year by a nervous child. Gum is broken down like other foods, but some parts (gum resins) move through your intestines after the sugars are absorbed,” said Dr. Swanson, pediatrician and author of Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Seattle Mama Doc blog. “While it might take a few hours or days longer than other foods to digest, it will eventually be expelled when you poo.” “No, the myth isn't true -- gum doesn't stick around in your stomach for 7 years!" she added.
  • INGMAN - A Kingman man is going away for 90 days after shooting his Camaro after the car refused to start and then refusing to come out of his home.The Kingman Daily Miner reports Lauriano Lawrence Lovato went out to his car April 13 and when it wouldn't start, he fired two rounds through the windshield and into the dashboard. neighbors called police and Lovato was eventually arrested after a lengthy standoff. Lovato pleaded guilty to one count of discharging a gun unlawfully within city limits and was sentenced to three years probation and 90 days jail time. 
  • TUCKERTON, N.J. -- A man is in stable condition after he was bitten by a timber rattlesnake in New Jersey's Pinelands. The 24-year-old Ocean County resident, whose name has not been released, stopped on Route 679 in Tuckerton and tried to use a stick to move the snake off the road. Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese told The Star-Ledger of Newark the snake squirmed free, wrapped itself around the man's arm and sank its fangs into his hand. The man drove three miles to seek help and was flown by helicopter to a hospital. Timber rattlesnakes are the only venomous snakes in that part of the Pinelands.
The last weird news . . . a video:


Jeanette said...

Can I say that the last guy was just DUMB! If the snake was in the road, either go around or run him over...

Enough said :}

Mimi said...

The snake story is really awful. I can't imagine why he tried to move a rattler with a stick!

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