Friday, June 17, 2011


I am not sure if I am happy or not . . . 
tomorrow cleaning and laundry.
See what I mean?

Work today was busy . . .
Plumb wore Beckett out!
She fell asleep in front of my while I was working on paperwork in the office.
Today was her very first day  . . .
everyone loved her, including my niece NoE!
NoE is 9 months old and trying to walk . . .
I think she is too little to walk!
Anyway . . . NoE loved Beckett and I think Beckett even loved NoE back.

Check them out!
Is there anything cuter than a Baby or a Puppy? Yep . . . a Baby AND a Puppy TOGETHER!

We are having a down weekend . . . no parties or get together things.

We began our weekend with a boat ride. It was lovely outside and the boat ride was really nice.
Everyone is now ready for bed and the house is quiet.
Time for a little Mom time.
G'night all.

1 comment:

Sarah, Three Boys said...

She is the cutest! Puppies are sooo squeezable. I hope she enjoys her new family!

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