Thursday, June 9, 2011

The weather people have done it again . . . missed the forecast! We were supposed to get rain and storms all day . . . we missed it again. I certainly hope they don't miss the forecast for Saturday . . . Katelyn's Graduation Open House is planned.

Katelyn finished up a drawing yesterday . . . I confiscated it and hung it today in our piano room. 
It is amazing!

I am SO spoiled!

This morning began with a nail appointment for me . . .

two hours of bliss!!!

Bliss was short lived . . . the kids were out of control at home . . . they were home with Katelyn and had a list of things I wanted them to have done BEFORE I got home.
Well THAT didn't happen!

We had a lot to get done today because tomorrow we will be baking for the open house on Saturday.
We were going to cater some of the food, but decided just to do it all ourselves.
We are going to be making some comfort food!

Italian Beef (served on hoagie rolls or croissant)
Chips and dip
Veggies and dip
sugar cookies
key lime cake

The menu is a bit more simplistic than what we served up on Memorial Day.
It will be fun in the kitchen for Katelyn and I tomorrow.

As for tonight . . . I am wiped out.
Our day was filled with cleaning and we aren't done yet.
Today was a bit hard . . .
It is very hard to clean with wild children in the house.

Need a cup of coffee and then bedtime!

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