Saturday, June 25, 2011

Unknown, Beckett and Tomorrow

The skies have grown dark with the passing of the day . . . thunder is beginning to sound and the lightning is performing a light show. I Love this time of day.

Katelyn and I are watching a movie called "Unknown" about a guy that is in an auto accident and has his identity stolen. So far it is a good movie. I would  be very frustrated if I were in his position. Bizarre!

Little Beckett has fit right into our family . . . she is amazing and has such cute little tendencies. She is very lovey and uses her paws a lot to grab things or to pat us. She has the sweetest temperament and loves to give kisses and play. She wakes me in the night when she needs to go potty and tells me if she wants food or water (it is always out, however the other dogs tend to eat/drink it up constantly). Beckett loves the boys and keeps them busy . . . they love to run and play. She has the cutest little bark and growl when playing. She heard a noise the other night and growled . . . I could tell she was serious, even if it was only a little bitty growl! Beckett runs and plays hard and when she is tired, she comes to me to cuddle and go to sleep ~ rather like a baby. Beckett sleeps well during the night and wakes me to take her potty by tapping me on the face with her little paws and gives me kisses . . . usually about 4:30 a.m. She does what she needs to, gets a drink and a bite to eat and then we head back to bed. She returns to sleep easily. When morning comes, Beckett is ready for the day. She plays with the boys, naps, plays some more and naps again. She generally has a full day and is ready for bed when I am.

I am looking forward to a relaxing day tomorrow. I am not sure what it will bring . . . the only thing we must do is laundry and clean the bathrooms.I am sure the boys would love to fish and I would too!

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