Monday, June 20, 2011

Two LBS of Fur Changes Our Home

Life in our house has changed a little bit . . .  all due to a two pound fur ball!

No longer do I sleep in . . . nope, potty time trumps sleep in, especially when the thought of a puppy wetting on my head runs through my brain. Yes, this has actually happened with a previous puppy
(I think it was Emma) to my hubs . . . he was not amused. lol

Mia is changing . . . for the better!
Mia would rarely let the boys play with her or even love on her.
Mia now allows and even encourages the boys to rub her tummy and play.
She even kisses them!

Emma has returned to her puppy play stage and has become pretty active.
She is actually encouraging Mia to get involved.
It is very funny to watch the two interact . . . especially when a little tiny puppy bark scares her!

Kamie . . . well, she can't hear and her sight is bad too . . . she sniffs at Beckett and that is about it.

The boys 
. . . are enjoying a playful puppy.
 . . . are enjoying being chewed on
. . . are very gentle with Beckett

We are all enjoying "wearing Beckett out".

Yep this little two pound wonder has taken over the house . . .
in a good way. She is a complete joy and unlike any puppy we have ever had.

Beckett is 9 1/2 weeks old and she . . . 
knows her name
comes when called
goes potty either outside or on her potty grass - no accidents yet!
is very loving and gives tons of kisses
loves to cuddle
she loves everyone
has the cutest little bark
has the cutest little growl
tries to win everyone over with cuteness
has a tail that goes 90 mph . . . she could actually dust the floors!

Praising God for such a sweet and adorable addition to our home.

1 comment:

The Whitakers said...

Hi Julie!
So glad to hear everyone is enjoying Beckett so much, and even the other dogs are adjusting to her well! Who knew that something that weighs only 2 lbs could have such a powerful, loving effect on a family! :)

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