Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tooth Fairy, Story Cubes

The clouds are thick with rain this morning . . . should have been able to sleep in, however the little men in my house prefer to be early birds. I am certain this will all change when they are teenagers though.

Last night I had the privilege to help our youngest remove a loose tooth. Popped right out! This was his third tooth to come out and he has not even attended kindergarten yet. His teeth are coming out much earlier than any of my other children's. He was very excited about the "tooth fairy" leaving him money under his pillow and went to bed without a peep last night. Of course as thing would have it, I couldn't find the tooth in the baggie when I went into his room last night. I left his dollar bill under his pillow and called it a night. This morning Cody found his dollar and was very excited about it . . . until he also found where he put his tooth (not under his pillow) and had a ton of questions. "Why didn't the tooth fairy take my tooth?" She probably couldn't find it. I will send it to her. "How are you going to send it to her?" Mommy knows how. "But HOW? Tell me, I won't tell anyone!" O.k. Cody, Mommy is actually the tooth fairy. "Why?" "Why are YOU the tooth fairy?" (Insert Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Here!) I know, I know . . . self inflicted pain. Note to self . . . never encourage tooth fairy, santa or easter bunny again.

He is such a little cheesehead! lol

Tomorrow is the BIG day . . . Beckett is coming home! We are all thrilled and everyone is anxious to meet her. I am sure the camera will be flashing away to capture the moments.

Summer schooling for the boys seems to be going well. The boys each know what is expected of them each day and we are keeping those little brains tuned in to what they learned this past school year. Mrs. S is awesome at teaching and I am thrilled she enjoys it so much! Tuesday and Thursdays I keep them busy with extra math and writing papers.

Yesterday I finally accomplished getting all of the appointments for the kids . . . yearly doctor visit, dental visit and eye doctor visits. The task seemed to take forever . . . I even helped to "break in" a new appointment scheduler!

I found a really great imagination game for my boys that the absolutely love. "Rory's Story Cubes."

The back of the little box reads:

Rory's Story Cubes is a pocket-sized creative story generator, providing hours of imaginative play for all ages. With Rory's Story Cubes, anyone can be a great storyteller and there are no wrong answers. Simply roll the cubes and let the images spark your imagination!

My boys absolutely love this game and request to play it often!!! Look for the game at Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble . . .

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