Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tonight we are expecting storms . . . who knows what the night will hold. I am thankful for our weather alert radio for just such an evening.

After a morning of very low motivation . . . we managed to get a lot done this afternoon and then naps. Yep, we rocked it!

Friday night Katelyn is a bridesmaid for one of her friend's wedding. I will need to steam the wrinkles out of her dress and wrap. That is after I hem it . . . it is a little long. Nothing like letting things go to the last minute . . . I know, I know . . . I feel the same way. Should have hemmed it long ago . . . She looks lovely in her gown.

The hour is late and everyone is in bed . . . I love this time of day . . . it feels like even the house takes a deep breath and exhales. Four little boys keep our home hopping all day long. Add in three dogs and a new puppy, one large guinea pig, two frogs and three goldfish . . . the house is usually pretty noisy! Well, o.k. I have to admit . . . the frogs are the most quiet and then the fish. The fish tend to knock their rock around in their bowl therefore making noise. The guinea pig Bugsy can be quite noisy when he wants to be. The puppy has a squeaky toy kind of yip, bark and growl. The rest of the dogs can be quite loud at times. The boys . . . loud, loud, loud.

I read another blog today that included a link to another blog that focuses on tiny houses. I found it very interesting. Take a look: click HERE

Little houses that can be owned with a relatively low investment. Pictures below are from the above link.

I was amazed at the organized and frugality of these homes. I viewed a few of the videos featuring families that live in three hundred square feet or less .  .  . so totally amazing.

Late this afternoon Katelyn took time to practice a while on the piano. I have to tell you . . . I could listen to her play all day. I lay back on the couch with little Beckett snuggled up and relaxed while listening . . . I can certainly tell Katelyn loves to play! Cody even mentioned that he wanted to sit for a while and listen to Sissy play the piano. Loved it!

Ryan is totally enthralled with minerals, rocks and gems. He is building quite the collection and spends hours looking at them. I was totally amazed at his dedication to his new hobby.

Cameron continues to love to sing. He cracks me up . . . while doing chores, he tends to hum or sing a little tune. Sometimes he sings the same song over and over and over and over . . . it makes me smile.

EJ  continues to amaze us with his baseball skills. He fields and bats quite well. I hope he will be ready for a baseball team next year.

Cody is always trying to keep up with all of his brothers. In Cody's mind, there isn't anything the boys can do that he can't. He is one determined five year old.

All of the boys love to fish. Since we live on a lake, we can fish a lot. Ryan really wants to catch a catfish . . . I warned him though, I won't take it off the hook for him . . . they freak me out! lol All of the boys do their own casting and reeling in. Three of them put their own bait on . . . they know how to cut the night crawler and put it on the hook by themselves. There are times I feel sorry for the fish the boys reel in . . . poor little fish are dropped, swung around on the hook and even thrown back into the water while still on the hook just for the fun of reeling the fish back in. I try to advocate for the little fish . . . and while doing so, teach them to be as gentle as they can when the put the fish back in the water.

Beckett update . . . as of tomorrow, Beckett has been in our home for one week. This little pup has been such a delight! Beckett will be 10 weeks old tomorrow and is totally house broken! She has not had even one accident since she arrived home. She doesn't fuss in the night, but cuddles up with me and sleeps. She lets me know if she needs to potty. She loves to play  . . . with the other dogs, the kids or adults. She kind of cheats . . . she uses her cuteness to win everyone over. She sounds like a baby alligator at times and a squeaky toy at other times. She loves to give kisses and be with me whenever she can be. She is very loving and such a lovely addition to our home...

Tonight, I took a photo of her with one of my faux hydrangeas. Take a look:

Hugs and much love . . .

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Cindy said...

I Love those little houses and Beckett ... Adorable:)

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