Sunday, June 5, 2011

Tackled a Lot!

We tackled a lot today . . .

some things were fun and exciting . . .

some things, not so much!

Took care of Father's Day gifts for my Dad and hubs . . . 
I am pretty excited to receive them and see how they turned out in "real" life.

Katelyn worked on laundry . . . all day.
(so thankful for her willing heart)

Randy "fixed" the boat . . . remember Memorial Day . . . we thought we ran out of gas . . .
well, we didn't. Randy went through the engine top to bottom and didn't find a thing.
Then the thought occurred to him . . . maybe the safety that is connected to a wrist strap isn't "in" all the way. BINGO! Apparently, the safety wasn't clipped in all the way . . . whew, glad it wasn't anything serious. Sorry honey for the false alarm and extra work!

Randy fueled up the jet skiis and boat.

The main floor was vacuumed and still needs wiped down.

The hard surfaces were all power washed with the Hoover machine. I can't get over how much yuck come up into that machine . . . even after we have mopped it on our hands and knees!
I went over it twice . . . just to make sure it was clean!

I worked on a little office paperwork . . . love that I can connect to the office.

I cleaned two of our cushions for the ottomans on the deck . . . Memorial Day took a toll on them.
I am thankful for my H2 Cleaner from Shaklee . . . amazing stuff!
Now the cushions are drying.

Plants in the laundry room were watered and rinsed off . . . crazy dust.

Randy is working on one of our bi-fold doors for the laundry room closet. I didn't want those doors, but was assured by our contractor they were amazing. NOT! I can foresee replacing them in the near future.

The boys have the responsibility of taking out the garbage . . . 
Randy was moving the garbage totes to the street today and noticed something odd.
Apparently, our boys have decided it is easier to throw the garbage behind the air conditioner . . .
you know, it is much easier to throw it there than in the garbage cans! NOT!

We still have a bit more to accomplish yet tonight.

Laundry needs put away.

The upstairs needs vacuumed and/or dust mopped.

Bathrooms on the main floor need cleaned.

Bathrooms upstairs will wait until Tuesday.

Gotta finish up!

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