Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Summer Days . . .

Those days we can't wait for . . .

Days filled with . . .

sleeping late
(I am certain that ONE day my boys will LOVE to sleep in. We haven't arrived at that one yet).

easy goin' days ~ enjoying whatever comes your way

picnics ~ we like to take our lunch/dinner outside to the lake 
(only not when it is close to 100 degrees - we have our limits)

fishing ~ fishing is great fun  . . .  
especially when the fish are biting, the kids know how to bait their hooks 
and no one is fussing at one another!

swimming ~ what a great way to end a day . . . in the pool with the kids
(unless they keep splashing water in your face and you can't see)

running ~ the kids really enjoy running . . . me, not so much

taking a "day" trip ~ We love taking those spur of the moment road trips . . . it doesn't matter where we are going or why we are going there . . . simply doing something out of the ordinary . . . 
it's the best

taking naps ~~~ we all took one today
(miracles DO happen)

playing games ~~~ today the boys were playing monopoly
(they don't really play by the rules just yet, but they are trying)

IMAGINATION ~~~ summer time is great for using imaginations

or simply doing nothin'

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