Thursday, June 16, 2011

Our New Addition!

Yesterday Lil' Miss Beckett joined our family. Katelyn, Cody and I headed out a little over two hours away to meet Denise of So Fine Mi-kis. She has the most BEAUTIUFL pups! Click HERE to visit her web site. Denise was delightful as was her friend Sue. Denise brought all of her "babies" and I received lots of kisses and tail wags. Of course, the most exciting moment was meeting Our Girl Beckett! The first two pictures are of Beckett on the drive home.

Beckett was tired and was yawning.

Once home, Beckett and Ryan bonded a bit.

Beckett is resting in her "Monkey Bag" with her toys and blanket.

Little Miss Beckett stayed pretty close to Katelyn and I for the most part, but enjoyed meeting family.
First up . . . Grandma, Grandpa and their dachshund J.C.
Plenty of lovin' and cuteness was shared. J.C. loved Beckett and we got her seal of approval.
Of course, Grandma loved Beckett too and snuggled her for a bit.
Grandpa couldn't believe how tiny she is.

We headed on home and met up with Uncle Sam and Ryan. OOOOs and Awes were the words of choice. 

Beckett met Mitzy (dog next door) and Dick (our neighbor, Mitzy's daddy).

Meeting our three other furry ones was interesting. We gave them a bit of space to see how they would react to Beckett. Kamie and Emma sniffed Beckett first one end and then the other. They chose to "watch" this new little fur ball instead of engage in play. Mia was a bit taken aback by Beckett and in fact was a bit afraid of her. She went to her space under my desk and watched Beckett from there.

Beckett and I headed out to meet the cousins . . . and Aunt Janeie.
The girls were all super excited to meet Beckett, including Lucy their very excited dog.
By the time we left Janeie's house, Beckett was coming to me when I called her.
The girls were thrilled to hold Beckett and Aunt Janeie thought she was precious!

Finally we were home for the evening . . .
the boys took turns meeting Beckett and were ultra cautious with her.
She gave puppy kisses and bounced around like a tiny bunny.
The boys giggled and giggled and once in a while Beckett would make a little vocalization sound.


I had already decided Beckett would join us in bed rather than be by herself. So, Mia, Beckett and I headed up for bed a bit early last night. Everyone settled in quickly . . . Beckett was most comfortable by my neck.

Beckett let me know when she needed to go potty . . . BLESS HER HEART! 
Beckett is only 9 weeks old and is house broken!
She has gone potty outside and uses her potty grass in the house.
She is SO SMART!

Beckett also is eating and drinking well. 
She loves her monkey bag and exercise/eating thing.
I went to the pet place today to get a largish exercise pen to put Beckett's food bowl in . . .
the other girls are very excited to help Beckett eat her food.

Let the Adventure Begin!

Cody had been playing with a hat and mittens this morning when Beckett confiscated the hat.

Beckett took the hat and chewed on the fringy top!

Kamie was intrigued with this little ball of fur.

Beckett decided to sit and watch everything and everyone in the house.

Beckett found Cody's crocs.

Kamie and Emma were chilling

Mia was in her favorite spot under my desk.

Time to be outside. Cody and Beckett were ready to play.

Mia got excited and started running around.
EJ and Beckett were playing.

Cameron and Beckett

Mia was watching the boys with Beckett. I think I could hear her thinking . . .
"Woo Hoo, those boys aren't messing with me!!! Poor lil' puppy!"

Emma, Beckett and EJ
Beckett answers to her name being called.

Cody was calling Beckett . . . Emma followed along.

Time for a rest after all of the running!

more lovin'

Emma and Beckett


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The Whitakers said...

Julie Beckett is adorable! What a sweet little dog. I'm sure she will never want for attention. What a lucky little puppy! :)

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