Sunday, June 19, 2011

Our Morning In Pictures

Beckett meets the Bugsy the guinea pig.

Bugsy outweighs Beckett.

Beckett is sitting like a chipmunk and is amazed with Bugsy.

The boys are amazed.

Beckett began vocalizing with Bugsy. Bugsy was chattering away.

EJ, Cody, Cameron and Ryan. Bugsy and Beckett too.

Mia is adjusting to little Beckett taking the lime light.

Flowers are in full splendor.

Mia and Beckett

Ryan, EJ and Mia

Ryan with Mia

EJ and Bugsy

Cameron and Mia

Mia is wondering . . . Hey, where did everybody go?

EJ carrying Bugsy and Emma is walking behind them.

Bugsy is one fat guinea pig

Up close and personal!

Beckett loves to chase the boys.

Run, Run, Run little Beckett!

Emma is chilling out!

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