Thursday, June 23, 2011

Naps, Door Bells, Leftovers

Have you ever tried to take a nap only to be interrupted THREE times by the door bell?
Yep . . . happened to us today.
I had all of the boys laying down . . . three of which were asleep.
Dogs all asleep too.

Who rang the bell?

the mail man
the ups/fedex guy

and then . . .

random meat guy selling meat from his truck

no . . . I did NOT purchase said random meat!

Nap time ended abruptly . . .

next, everyone outside to play

The sky was cloudy, the wind was blowing and there was a chill in the air.
It felt like Fall . . .
it is too early for Fall . . .
we just started Summer!

Before we knew it, Randy was home.
We enjoyed a bit of chat time before it was time to head in and get dinner together.
It was easy though  .  .  .
left overs!
Of course, I did receive a complaint from our youngest . . .
WHY do we HAVE to eat LEFTOVERS?
(insert whine, whine, whine)
The answer from me was simple . . .
You don't HAVE to eat leftovers . . . in fact, you don't HAVE to eat anything . . .
however, if you DO want dinner . . . we ARE having leftovers.
enough said
no more questions or complaints

he ate it all . . . every bite

Mom . . . score 1
Youngest . . . score 0

1 comment:

The Whitakers said...

Oh Julie! I can totally sympathize. Never had the door bell wake me, but have had the phone ring many times. Ugh! Thankfully it doesn't happen often. :) I likes your answer to whining! Great job. Your kids are adorable, even if they whine! :)Have a great day!

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