Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My list for the day  . . .

make an alice.com order ~~~ check
make a bath and body order ~~~ check
work on laundry ~~~ check
write a letter to one of our compassion kids ~~~ check
pay bills ~~~ check
check on shipments ~~~ check
Vacuum dining area ~~~ check
make bed ~~~ check
clean up from lunch ~~~ check
lose my mind ~~~ double check
vacuum dining area ~~~ check
clean puppy pen ~~~ check
more laundry ~~~ check
watch boys as they play outside ~~~ check
more laundry ~~~ check

Today I received my new camera . . . I can't wait to get the battery charged, the manual read and start taking photos. I am so excited! I have plenty of "subjects" to photograph and I absolutely love taking pictures!

Tomorrow I go into the office, have a meeting, take care of paperwork and then . . . who knows.

I can't believe tomorrow is already mid week. The days seem to be blurring together lately. A vacation would be nice right about now. I am not sure where I would like to spend a vacation, I just think we need one.

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The Whitakers said...

LOL! Julie, I love that you make time to lose your mind! :) I'll have to remember to write that down on my next "to do" list. Maybe then everyone will understand what's going on, and when it's going to happen! :) Yes, you need a vacation. Start planning now and get it done. Summer is flying by! Love ya, Kristi :)

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