Sunday, June 26, 2011

Laundry is well on its way to being done . . . a great accomplishment . . . Katelyn and I are tag teaming to get it done. We still have bathrooms to clean ~~~ I would love to have automatic bathrooms . . . the kind of bathroom that you simply close the door, flip a switch and the bathroom cleans and sanitizes itself. Since I don't see bathrooms like that being available for consumer purchase . . . guess I will have to clean them myself. (insert ewe face here!)

I am frustrated today . . . frustrated with:

sibling rivalry

the "why" every time I give an answer

my oldest son

fresh folded laundry being thrown on the floor in my son's room

Clean and previously folded laundry . . . was thrown on the floor and stuffed in a pillow case.
Nice! NOT!

The "guilty" party.

In case you are wondering . . . yes, he DID have to fold up and hang his clothing.


Mia and Beckett

Beckett is enjoying a nice yummy denta bone.


Tonight, Katelyn and I are in the family room . . . no lights are on . . .
we are in charge of the remote! Woo Hoo

Time to decompress!

Love the challenges!

Paula Deen made a guest appearance . . . one contestant made a dish with tofu and one made a lettuce salad . . . Paula is an awesome cook and does NOT do tofu! Lots of Butter ~~~ that is Paula's love.
Not sure Tofu was a good choice for the challenge. 
But then again . . . from the looks of things, the mac and cheese didn't seem to go over well either.

The judging is in . . .
The Tofu was actually a hit! Wow!
The Mac and cheese was burnt . . . ewe

I can't believe the weekend is already coming to an end.
Where did this weekend go?


Cindy said...

I Love visiting your unscripted life because it makes me feel at home:)

Julie said...

Cindy . . . Thank you for your comment!!! It makes my day. I am thankful someone is reading it and feels at home!!!

Some days it is hard to write . . . life seems to hit hard and is unruly too. lol MY LIFE!

Hugs Dear Friend!

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