Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Today began as any other day, I got up showered and headed into work after Mrs. S arrived.

First thing this morning I had a meeting . . .

then I headed back to the office.

I didn't have much to take care of today, so it was an easy day.

I received a telephone call this afternoon from our groomer, Kamie was sick again.

Katelyn and I headed to the groomer to pick up the dogs . . . Mia, Emma and Beckett went home with Katelyn and I took Kamie immediately to our wonderful vet. Tests revealed a urinary track infection, an inflamed pancreas, kidneys that are failing and too much protein in her urine.
Treatment . . . antibiotics for the UTI, medication to help her kidneys and low protein diet.
Not much else can be done for her . . . we are to try and keep her hydrated, her low protein diet in check and watch her for excessive drinking and lethargy.

Kamie is 12 years old . . .
she has arthritis in her back legs and hips . . .
her kidneys are failing and can nothing can be done 
but make her comfy and give her lots of love.

I returned home with Kamie and called my boys into the family room. Katelyn was there too.
I wanted to tell them about Kamie, before she got worse.
I wanted them to know what is happening to her and how we can help her be comfortable.
I explained the Kamie is old and her body is tired . . .
she is closer to dying.
As I told my boys, I began to well up in tears . . .
tears began streaming down their faces too.
Then my five year old asked . . .
"Why is Kamie going to die?"
I explained that Kamie is old and her body hurts her.
I told them she has been sick and her kidneys weren't working well for her.
Then I was asked "When, Mommy . . . When is she going to die?

I told them . . .boys . . . 
Mommy doesn't know when it will be time, 
I don't know when there will be nothing more we can do to keep her comfortable.
Kamie's doctor will tell us when she can't do any more for her.
I also explained that I wanted them to know what is happening  . . .
we need to make sure Kamie knows she is loved.

They immediately went to her . . . 
she was in her favorite place, 
laying on the register vent in the dining area  by the patio doors.
Three of the boys sat next to her and patted her head.
They kissed her and loved her.
All except my seven year old.
EJ is our sensitive child . . .
As I was explaining everything about Kamie,
EJ's face lost all color and his lips turned pasty white.
I knew what was coming . . .
his emotions took over and he became sick to his stomach.
My heart hurt for him  . . .
it hurt for all of my kids, but especially EJ because he took it so hard.

As I write, Kamie lays on the floor next to the couch.
She is still as beautiful as the day we brought her home.
Kamie has never had a bad hair day.
Kamie is very good natured and ALWAYS looks out for the kids.
She reminds me of Nana the dog on Peter Pan ~~~ very protective.
She is a good girl!

My Mom said something today as we chatted on the phone . . .

"She is such a brave girl for her Masters! She is putting on a brave face even through all of the pain."

We don't know how long Kamie will live . . . could be several months, a few months, a month or weeks. It all depends on how quickly things progress. Her kidneys are the major issue . . . her kidneys are failing and only God knows how long she can endure.
I pray that God will simply take our beautiful girl as she sleeps one night
 and she will not be in pain any longer.
Kamie has been part of our family for 12 plus years . . .
Life won't be the same when she passes.


Kamie and EJ are chatting. Kamie doesn't like the kids in the pool.

Kamie was barking because Cody jumped into the pool.

Kamie and Cody

Hanging out on the deck.

Kamie is watching the new puppy Beckett.


Marva said...

Kamie is beautiful! I would have never dreamed she is 12 years old! I am so sorry that your family is having to go through the pain of losing her and I am sorry she is suffering. I'll be praying fro your family. My parents have an albino (white w/ red eyes) female german shepard that is 11 years old. She also has arthitis in her hips and back legs. Some days she can barely get up muchless walk.

Love you Juju!

Julie said...

Thanks Marva! Our family is enjoying her for as long as we have her. Bless her heart!

I feel for your parents dog . . . our vet did give us something to help with the pain of the arthritis and it does help.

Love you too!

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