Sunday, June 5, 2011

How to Discern if Your Child is Lying to You

I am quite certain, I am not the only Mom in the world that has children that lie to her.

I also know I am not the only Mom that has questioned WHY won't they just tell the truth?

Childhood lying has been deemed a normal part of childhood.

However, lying is NEVER, EVER acceptable . . . for any reason.

So, we know almost all children lie . . . so how can we save the frustration 
of knowing if they are or are not lying?

According to we can  learn to tell if our children are telling the truth or lying by the child's body language. Watch for:

the child's facial expression . . . is the child's face relaxed? If it is, chances are more likely he/she is telling the truth. However, if the child's face is tense . . . chances are he/she is lying.

does the child's answer sound rehearsed or off the cuff?  does the child's answer have conflicting details?
truthful answers generally sound the same regardless of how many times it is told.

watch for body language . . . nervousness, defensiveness or scared. Hunched shoulders or repetitive movements . . .  the child is lying to you.

Two of my boys will look me straight in the eyes and lie to me. They will insist over and over and over they did or didn't do something. However, I can generally tell quickly if they are lying or telling me the truth. It never ceases to amaze them how I can tell. I am also very careful NOT to tell them my "secrets".

Lying is one of those "things" that drive me crazy. I give my boys every chance to tell the truth and many times they do tell the truth because they do not want punished. My boys lose privileges if they do not tell the truth . . . a time or two of losing fishing fun privileges and the truth comes a bit easier. Of course, there are plenty of other privileges to lose as well . . . be inventive.

Privileges in our home consist of anything not necessary.

television, nintendo, wii, skateboarding, swimming in the pool, fishing, boating, jet skiis, playing games, not enjoying family fun time or a movie, etc.

Praying for my children is also very important . . .

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