Monday, June 6, 2011


In my little area of the world, it is hot, hot, hot!!! I got into my car after work today and the temp read 104 degrees. The temp numbers did drop after we left the parking lot, but didn't drop lower than 96 or 97. When we opened the car doors . . . it felt like oven heat coming out of my car.  Tomorrow is to be even hotter!

The heat always reminds me to be ultra careful . . . make sure no kids or pets are left in the car for ANY length of time!!! I tend to get a bit paranoid and check and recheck the vehicle before I close the door. I also lock my car doors while on the drive or in the garage so no curious little people get inside.

This evening we went out back to our pool to swim . . . the water was beautiful! The breeze was blowing gently and was even a bit chilly when getting out of the pool. Cody has always been a bit leery of getting in the pool . . . he will sit along the side or be on the stairs . . . never in the water unless being held tight by Mom or Dad. Tonight . . . Cody trusted me enough to help him be brave. As always, the life jacket was on and I showed him how the life jacket would keep his head above the water. Gradually he ventured a bit more into the pool . . . as long as Mommy was holding onto the life jacket strap. We had a blast . . . Cody laughed  and laughed. He was so excited to show Daddy the new things he could do. Usually he wants to go in or play on the playset way before anyone is ready to get out of the pool . . . not tonight . . . Tonight a big AWE!!! came out of his mouth! Quite a difference! Way to go Cody!

I received news today . . . we get to pick up Beckett a week earlier than we had thought! Next Wednesday is the day!!! We can't wait!

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The Pink Owl said...

The heat here in SC is next to unbearable!! Stay cool!

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