Friday, June 10, 2011

Graduation Open House Prep

What a day! It is just pat 8:30 p.m. and I am just sitting down. Whew . . . I am exhausted!

This morning Katelyn went to the store to pick up what we needed. 
(she did great, but I realized tonight I need a few more items . . . ooppss!!)

Our TO DO List was full to overflowing, but we didn't let that stop us one little bit!
Katelyn began with the cookies and cupcakes. 
I began the Key Lime Cake. 

I was very thankful two of the boys went with Randy today and Mrs. S had the other two . . .
things went much more smoothly!

Cookies and Cupcakes made the house smell wonderful!
Katelyn was excited to use the new decorating tip . . . the ultra large one . . .
her cupcakes resemble DC Cupcakes/Georgetowne Cupcakes.

I had plenty of help with tasting to make sure things were yummy good!
Mom was another ANGEL of MERCY for Katelyn and I today!
Bless her heart she came by and helped us! 
Thank you so much Momma/Grandma!

I roasted three rump roasts and made them into Italian Beef.
Randy noticed the yummy smell of beef when he arrived home from work.
Bless his heart, he took care of dinner for he and the boys too!

The boys pitched in and helped to finish up the little things around the house.
They had such happy little faces while helping, it made me smile!
They even helped wash the patio door glass . . . it isn't perfect and streak free by any means, but they tried. I did touch up where someone, who shall remain nameless, wrote with crayon on the glass.

With 90% of the household chores done around the house, this weekend should be much more enjoyable for us than the past weekends have been. Woo Hoo

The rain, thunder and lightning have begun .  .  .
it is so relaxing!

Going to make some coffee, relax a bit longer and then head for bed!

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The Whitakers said...

We are all looking forward to being with your wonderful family today! See you soon! :)

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