Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Do you ever feel frustrated?

I know, that is a loaded question isn't it?

Today, I am frustrated . . .

I figured if I am frustrated, someone else out there in Blogland is probably frustrated too.

There are so many reasons for frustration in a person's day . . .

if you sit and think about it, you can probably name a few frustrations of your own.

So what am I frustrated about?

I am in at the office this morning and a call comes in. I am asked if I know "David" . . .
I rarely take calls at work . . . seems like everyone wants to sell me something or
wants me to donate to this cause or that cause.

I am told this "David" claims he has a note from Julie wanting a call returned . . .
GIANT RED FLAG!!! This David is LYING!
My hubs takes the call . . . which is a mistake.
David apparently collects money for companies . . . he wants to HELP us collect money from people who either don't pay their bill or write us bad checks.
Randy explaines . . . we do not have any problem with those issues and thanks him . . . ready to hang up, but the guy goes on and on. See, told you it was a BIG mistake.

So, I am frustrated . . . frustrated that someone calls and takes up our time by lying that I called them.
. . . frustrated that my hubs took the time to take a bogus call

. . . Frustrated that our computer tech decided upon himself (after being told NO) to send our software off to the "company that made it" to have it repaired, installing it again in our computers which has required ME and my staff to REDO all work for three days . . . it could have waited until Fall when things slow down a bit

. . . Frustrated that one of my children is mad at me for taking away his privileges . . . even though he is the one that took something that wasn't his and then lied about it continuously. Yep . . . the glare was coming from my son . . . directed my way . . . nice!

. . . Frustrated that my staff feels Frustration as well

. . . Frustrated that every time I commit to a Bible Study Satan begins his assault . . . SPECIAL SEARCH AND DESTROY Mission! Satan's rules: anything goes, anything it takes, anything is fair game . . . whatever it takes to bring Julie and her family down.

. . . Frustrated about a fair assessment I gave of something only to be told I was stupid and needed to retract my assessment.

It is easy to become frustrated . . .

How do I react at being frustrated?

Many times I stay quiet . . . simply run through it all in my head several hundred times.

. . . sometimes I vent

. . .  sometimes I complain

. . . sometimes I take it personally

What are steps I can take to "Handle" and "Resolve" Frustration? 

First of all, should I reply to the source of the frustration??? Or should I just let it go?
“For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish men,”
(1 Peter 2:15).

How Should I REACT to the Frustration?

First of all, I should put on the Whole Armor of God . . . I am quite certain the SOURCE of my frustration comes from Satan himself! Therefore, the Whole Armor of God would be
my FIRST choice for defense.

God knows. God sees. God honors those who honor Him.

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TJ said...

I needed this! I've been battling frustration for weeks but especially this morning. I'm frustrated that my back has screwed up my entire life. I want it to be better already (I for one thing that 7 months of hanging on, and severe pain for 2 months is more than enough). I'm tired of not being able to keep my house clean and not being allowed in my garden. And I can't even enjoy the kids because the pain has me so crabby that I want to crawl into a hole and hide, but I can't because there is cooking and dishes and... Life.

Thanks for reminding me that I need to look to God for my strength even in my frustration.

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