Thursday, June 2, 2011


yummy lunch before fishing

Kamie is waiting for something to drop her way.

Emma is just happy to be alive!

My bobber is out there . . . can you spot it?

Cody is fishing close to the dock
Not sure why EJ wears his sun glasses on his forehead!

Nice catch Cameron!!! Way to fish!

 Son number three is quite unhappy  . . . time out from fishing.

Can you tell the boys had cotton candy? Guess what color it was!

Brothers working together!

Ryan caught one

 Poor fish

working together

  Great photo . . . beautiful outside!

 Ryan is watching the fish swim in the water.

Cameron is working on getting the worm on.

Another fish for Cameron . . . he caught like 15.


Natalie said...

those are super cool poles! Where did you get them...What brand? You might have several professional fishermen on your hands!!!:)

The Whitakers said...

I love the blue smiles Julie! :) Summer is great isn't it!

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